SA Baseball NBC 24 coaches reflect and look forward

Gert van Antwerpen – Coach: Gauteng Women “This tour has been an incredibly interesting and exciting journey. The girls have cherished every minute of it—meeting new people, making friends, and enjoying the hospitality. We’ve relished the challenges, and the camp’s spirits have been high. The team has appreciated the supportive and vibrant atmosphere, and after […]

South African Baseball Provincial showdown – it’s finally here. NBC24

As the fourth day of the South African National Baseball Championships wrapped up in Mandela Bay, the excitement is palpable with the final matchups set for Monday, 1 April 2024. Teams have been eagerly battling it out, and after today’s games, the top of the tables have seen some interesting shifts. Gauteng Men A scored […]

Senior Division underway at South African Baseball National Baseball Championships 24

The Senior Division of the South African Baseball National Championships is set to launch this coming Thursday, 28 March 2024, in Gqeberha. Following the excitement of the junior segment, the senior teams are preparing to showcase their skills at Mandela Bay over an intense series of games. On the opening day, the teams will embark […]

South African Baseball Juniors NBC ends in spectacular fashion

The South African Baseball National Championships 2024 concluded its junior section with a series of final matches in Mandela Bay, Gqeberha this week, marking the end of an engaging and competitive tournament. Hosted as part of the broader event, the junior finals brought together young talent from across the country to compete for the championship […]

NBC 24 big day 4 and play now moving to Junior finals

The penultimate day of the South African Baseball National Championships 2024 delivered a series of compelling playoff results that set the stage for a highly anticipated finals day. Teams across various divisions showcased their skill, determination, and strategy as they competed for a chance to claim the national title and earn the opportunity to represent […]

South African Baseball NBC 24: Heading to Juniors Play-offs

In the U18 boys division, the Western Cape Boys U18 A team confirmed their spot at the top after another victorious match, leading to a pristine record of five wins. Their robust point differential stands unchallenged as they head into the final round robin games. Following closely behind are the Gauteng Boys U18 A, who, […]

South African Baseball NBC Day 2 wraps up – competition climbing

The South African Baseball Championships 2024 has continued rolling out in Mandela Bay, Gqeberha, focusing on the junior segment as it approaches its final stages. With the finals scheduled for 26 March, teams have been engaging in critical matches that could determine their standings in the tournament. The Gauteng Girls U18 team has maintained a […]

South African Baseball Championships 2024 gets underway in Gqeberha.

The annual South African National Baseball Championship 2024 is set to take place from 22 March 2024 to 2 April 2024 in Mandela Bay, Gqeberha. The event, in the Eastern Cape, presented by Mandela Bay Baseball and hosted by the Londt Park Tigers Baseball Club, will feature over forty teams from across the country. The […]