Another proud day for South African Baseball with our U18s ready to go to the World Cup

Red Carpet Ceremony, SA Baseball U18

Another proud day for South African Baseball with our U18s ready to go.

With the under u18 World Baseball and Softball Confederation U18 World Cup starting in Florida, USA this week our players are ready to go.

This past weekend saw the full squad gather in Gauteng for team building and official ceremonies before setting off on what will arguably be one of the most exciting journeys they are likely to encounter, ie the U18 Baseball World Cup.

Under the guidance of head Coach Dean McKinnon, the team which is comprised of players and administrators from various provinces in South Africa has worked diligently to get to the point where they are now ready to take on the world.

In addition to various team-building elements, the event saw the squad receive their official colours in the traditional pre-tournament capping ceremony, with South African Baseball Vice President Patrick van Niekerk again doing the honours.

The farewell event held in Pretoria saw several dignitaries and members of the South African Baseball Executive in attendance including amongst others South African Baseball General Secretary Ms Helga Teixeira, Ms Lesley Cook ( umpires commission ), Mr Frank Bell (President Northern Gauteng), Mr Gamied Boomgard (South West Gauteng President) and Mr Gavin Bennet (Eastern Gauteng President).

Said Patrick van Niekerk, “ It’s been an emotional day for all of us, we saw many of these young champions grow up with us, and now to see them reaching this milestone makes us truly proud.”

Showing additional support with pride were coaches of our South African Baseball 5 and African Championship Team Mr Americo Juma and Ms Haley Scott.

The team now departs Oliver Tambo International en route to Florida, USA where they will participate in the XXX WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida from 9-18 September 2022.

The thirtieth edition of the WBSC U-18 Baseball World Cup will include 12 national teams, whose rosters feature the best youth players in their respective countries and will see South Africa face Brazil in the first round.

Our players had quite a bit of fun doing their public profiles, click here to view.

Management: Dean McKinon – Head Coach – Gauteng, Gavin Bennett – Pitching Coach – Gauteng, Connor Bell – Assistant Coach – Gauteng, Yahya Patel – Assistant Coach – Gauteng, Mogamat Fadiel Moosa – Head of Delegation – Western Cape

Team: Taariq Adams – Western Cape, Louis-Michael Albertyn – Gauteng, Tyron Brickhill – Western Cape, Doran Bibis – Gauteng, Jamie Brookes – Western Cape, Aiden Carelse – Western Cape, Creedon Cockrell – Western Cape, Ethan Grobler – Gauteng, Rio Harrison – Western Cape, Cuan Hoffman – Gauteng, Ruan Maritz – Gauteng, Jan Matlou – Limpopo, Aidan McAllistair – Gauteng, Bryce McCleland – Western Cape, Quinn McKenzie – Western Cape, Josh November – Western Cape, Aiden Schwartz – Gauteng, Kyle Schwartz – Gauteng, Robert White – Gauteng, Joshua Williams – Western Cape. Non-Travelling Reserves: Johannes Cloete – Gauteng, Robert Emmett – USA/High School, Tiisetso Maenetja – Gauteng, Johnnie Maloka – Limpopo, Zach Moses – Western Cape, Uzair Taliep – Western Cape, Shaun Van Wyk – Western Cape.

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