Night ball makes early appearance at Kuilsriver Cardinals in Cape Town

Night ball made an early appearance this year as the Kuilsriver Cardinals kicked off the action with the first club night ball festival of the year this past Friday. Hosted at the Cardinals Baseball Club in Kuilsriver, Cape Town, and spearheaded by Cardinals Chairman Mr. Romeo Adams, the event showcased a festival of baseball for […]

South African Baseball 5 ETS and Clinics roll out in Western Cape

South African Baseball 5 concluded an eventful week in the Western Cape. Headed by Americo Juma, South African Baseball 5’s, and joined by South African Baseball Vice President Dennis Philander, as well as Nicci Adonis, Head of Baseball5 in the Western Cape. The initiatives aim to foster awareness for South African Baseball 5 and plays […]

South African baseball gets behind the Boks

This weekend, South African baseball is showing its support for South African rugby as the Springboks participate in the Rugby World Cup and several clubs are organizing World Cup Rugby finals viewing venues for their members and fans. Many might not know, but the current President of South African Rugby, Mr. Mark Alexander, is also […]

South African Baseball5 Provincial Championships: A nationwide Heritage Day Celebration.

This past weekend, South African baseball enthusiasts came together to celebrate Heritage Day in a unique and exhilarating way. The country witnessed an array of provincial championships as districts from all corners of South Africa converged on the baseball diamond. Not only were they competing for the prestigious title of provincial champion, but they also […]

Cape Town Baseball amazing capping ceremony, excited for NBC 2023

Cape Town baseball fans were out in full force on Friday, 24th March 2023, to celebrate the official capping ceremony for the upcoming South African Baseball Championships. Held at the Kensington High School in Cape Town, the event saw players from across the city receive their official Cape Town caps, as they gear up for […]